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Come Be Adopted — Requests and Wanted

Come Be Adopted

Started by Suyis Maitra-Lucain at Aug 18, 2019 3:08 pm
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Suyis Maitra-Lucain

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Thus I clothe my naked villainy with odd ends stolen forth from holy writ, and seem a saint when most I play the devil.

Suyis likes to adopt people. Once upon a time he was a feathery bird-brained waif with no home and no family, so he absolutely understands what that's like. So he conquered the HoloArena to get himself rich, and now grabs random kids and not-kids off the streets of Pyxis, primarily The Grid, and gives them... more or less the world. The caveat is that Suyis not sane and likes to mess with people's heads, just to keep them on their toes and thinking for themselves. He's a pretty loose parental figure; he's there if you need him, and maybe if you don't, sometimes, but he isn't always a very kind person. He's a firm believer in the concept of tough love, and boy he'll be a rude mofo if he thinks he needs to. Like, really rude.

Assign you your own kid you gave up a long time ago as a handler assignment and then force you into the same physical space as your ex kind of really rude.

(If you like extremely unpredictable characters that like to act somewhat dense (but are actually very intelligent) and genuinely morally-ambiguous af, Suyis your man.)

Basically he's a well-meaning, but very chaotic meddly jerk that's rich and also very powerful (he is at the second-highest rank in the Republic, and owns the largest airship parts manufacturing company in the world - dropping the name Suyis Lucain will get you places and fast).

Originally, Suyis had just his first name. He came up with Maitra later, and then added the Lucain in effort to kind of separate himself from his kids in the Republic's eyes because boy he's not a well-behaved citizen. So his kids are all Maitras, but there are several clusters of "Maitra," the first being the almost-80-year-old Jadyka and Jahan Maitra; then we have Malachi and Gabrielle Brenner; and finally Honour Hennessey. Any of these clusters can have more siblings involved, or one can make up their own cluster. Basically this ad is great if you want a rough-background character that doesn't still need to claw their way back into the sunlight, so to say.