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That Which is Lost — Outskirts

That Which is Lost

Started by Suyis Maitra-Lucain at Aug 17, 2019 1:45 pm
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Thus I clothe my naked villainy with odd ends stolen forth from holy writ, and seem a saint when most I play the devil.

"Yeah," Suyis agreed, shifting back humanoid. "Much easier to keep said distressed Other from injuring people. Or himself, for that matter." It was very easy, of course, for very upset Others that had skewed perceptions as, no doubt, Kassander did, to make mistakes and damage things and people they didn't intend to, even themselves. Suyis led the way to the basement, heading for the elevator, because that was likely to be the least annoying way of getting down there.

Unfortunately, the Har'zaref spanned quite the distance, and it wasn't so easy to just take the stairs. One would be climbing down stairwells for the next ten or fifteen minutes, and perhaps time wasn't of the essence, but there was a good chance it was. Suyis didn't know what would happen to this particular Other when separated from his Losrian for too long.

The bond between Other and Losrian was one that even they themselves didn't fully understand. One created the other, they knew, and plenty of times before they'd seen an Other die and later be reborn in some other form. People's dreams didn't necessarily die, just change, that was all.

But what happened to a dream when the dreamer met their end? Probably nothing good. Suyis had no reason to think this particular Losrian was gone forever, but he'd seen weirder things happen.

As they reached the lower levels, the lighting of course dimmed. Quiet, there was a rhythmic tapping sound just audible over the sound of the electrical generators and the filters for the water decks. As they got closer, Suyis could tell the tapping sound was the black dragon pacing around in the fibreglass enclosure Suyis had to keep him in. He looked somehow wilted, wings shredded and torn, dull scales, lifeless eyes, still blue, though, just dull and unfocused.

"All he does is pace," Suyis said. "Careful, he likes to randomly lunge at things." And strange people.


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Killian followed Suyis into the elevator with no fuss. The tower was quite large if nothing else, and while Killian could take the stairs with no problems it would take, ah, much longer. And if there was a faster way, then why not take it? He trusted Suyis for the most part anyway, so being closed in a small space with him wasn't particularly nervewracking like it might have been with some other people.

Killian paused for a moment as the black dragon came into view. It was... sad, seeing him like that. Seeing anyone like that. The destruction wrought by being so far from one's Losrian was... well, it was different for everyone, some handled it better than others. It was hard to figure out what, exactly, was going to happen at any given time when a Losrian was lost. Each bond was a little different, and the Others themselves certainly didn't understand exactly. And if they didn't, how could anyone else?

"I'll keep that in mind. Getting caught by him doesn't look like it would be pleasant." Ah, no. No, Killian was quite sure that it would hurt a great deal. The dragon was much larger, and even without his magic, it wouldn't be a good situation for anyone.

The other must have been lovely once, Killian could see that much, beyond the dullness and the unfocused gaze. Slowly Killian finally approached the enclosure. If he didn't have to, Killian was going to avoid getting in with him, but it may not be possible to sense clearly enough as weak as the other had become.

Killian was going to try, if only because he wasn't confident in his own ability to avoid the Other's lunges. Pacing and lunging. Killian stopped right at the edge of the enclosure, attention still focused within it, on the dragon, waiting for it to approach as close as it was going to. This close, he was familiar, though only distantly.

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Grief is the price we pay for love.

There was talking. There was always talking. Always there was some voice or another in the back of his head, voices he used to know, voices that weren't real, it was hard to keep track of anything. What day was it? What year was it? None of that really mattered any. It was today. It was always today. Today was today and that was as complicated as it needed to be. What was he supposed to be doing? He'd lost something. The light was gone. It'd died. Why did the light die? Why did it matter? What else was gone?

The talking didn't stop. Kassander paced around, determinedly staring at the floor. It was concrete, at least, Kassander thought it was called concrete and what it was called didn't matter because it wasn't what was missing. What was missing? What took the light away? What was the light? It didn't matter. Where was he? Somewhere safe. But nowhere was safe, safe was nowhere, there was nothing safe here, they were here. Who was they?

Quietly, the dragon snarled in annoyance at the floor under him, but didn't raise his head.

"Kassander?" Suyis ventured. Sometimes, the dragon responded, sometimes he didn't. And sometimes he tried to kill someone, but so far the enclosure had proven capable of containing him well enough.
The dragon raised his head, nostrils flaring in annoyance. Who was that? Friend. No, there were no friends. Friends were all dead. These things killed them! A loud snarl-growl loosed, gutteral and feral, and Kassander rammed the wall with his head. Fortunately, he also started leaking a bunch of aura all over the place, amid sitting on his haunches and scratching relentlessly at the clear wall.

"... today we're not friends, I see." Apparently not, no. That was almost unfortunate, but the times they were friends far outweighed the times they weren't, and Suyis wasn't surprised anymore.

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"I can see that." Killian winced slightly. But the barrier had held, and the dragon was still safe inside of it, while they were safe outside. Killian only hoped the enclosure continued to keep the Other inside. At least for the moment. He did concentrate though, focusing on the other's aura and taking several moments to consider the way it felt.

Certainly, the signature was familiar. He'd met the Losrian before, Killian was sure of it immediately. It took him several moments longer to be sure of who it was, though as soon as the realization set in Killian felt particularly silly for not recognizing it sooner. There was another moment of quiet while he watched the dragon, feeling a little sad for the Other.

Unfortunately, it was clear why he was trapped in that barrier if he'd decided to attack like that without it... Killian was quite sure he wasn't a match for it, at least. Suyis might have been, but having to concentrate on keeping the other from killing things would certainly put a damper in all the other things that Suyis had to worry about. And there were many of them, Suyis was a busy man, after all.

"I know his Losrian alright," Killian said after a moment or two. "One of Izumi's adoptive kids, Sandalio. You... honestly probably haven't met him yet." For one reason or another, that did happen of course. Suyis was a busy person and Sandalio got into trouble a lot but not the kind of trouble that would make a Beta Prime look in his direction, most of the time. "He's Ryan's twin."

Killian trusted Suyis well enough. After all, Suyis was an Other and he would gain little by revealing Losrian living within the tower under the Republic's noses. Sure, sometimes Suyis' methods were less than stellar, but typically he did have good intentions. It was just that the best of intentions could also be perceived as less than pleasant at times. And Suyis sometimes also needed to keep people reasonably afraid of him.

After all, he had to keep his position as a Beta Prime so no one was looking at him.

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Thus I clothe my naked villainy with odd ends stolen forth from holy writ, and seem a saint when most I play the devil.


At least someone had a lead for him, and at this point, that was the only thing that really mattered. He could be salty about not knowing on his own later, but right now, the important part was finding Sandalio and getting him over here. "Ryan's twin... also Thomas I assume..." Most likely. (Suyis knew better. They were not of the Thomas family at all, but then he had no reason to be telling anyone else that.) Suyis just shook his head slightly, ignoring the dragon still scratching the clear wall, occasionally smacking it with his head again.

He had broken it before. Suyis just also had tranqs.

"Oh, if he breaks that, I've got sedatives," he said. "Better option than fighting with him and potentially hurting him and maybe myself..." Suyis raised a hand, smacking his InVisor on. It only took a short bit of time to find the record for the other officer registered under the last name Thomas, and it turned out he was in enforcement. That was useful. "He's Jady's," Suyis said. "Well that's helpful."

Suyis wasted no time at all calling Jadyka. It only rang once.
"You have an officer I want out here to Pyxis yesterday," Suyis said. No preamble was really necessary here.
"Oh?" Jadyka asked. "Which one?"
"Sandalio Thomas."
"... what'd he do to get your attention?" Jadyka asked.
"Nothing," Suyis said. "... well, something, but nothing bad if that's what you're asking."

"That wasn't quite what I was asking, but I'll... okay," Jadyka answered. "Should I send him out there on a tram?"
"If you've gotta suck the funds for it out of Suyis Corps, you do it," Suyis said.
"Wow, you want him there last week, not just yesterday," Jadyka said. "Alright, I'll... send him that way then."
"Thank you," Suyis said. "And you try not to get into trouble on your way out, aight? Daren and Seth made it here okay."
"Seth too?" Jadyka answered. "If you're sure."
"You know me, I'm never sure, I just have bigger guns than the other guys."
He could almost feel the disapproval. Jadyka didn't say anything about it, though, just said something about talking later and disconnected.

"Aaaand now he's going to give me this Look when he gets here," Suyis said. "Well, not that I don't deserve it. And with any luck, somebody'll have a brilliant idea of how to deal with the dragon after this." Suyis could sure hope so. Cause he was fresh out of new ideas.


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"Yes, the system will have him as Thomas." As Killian recalled, Sandalio had considered joining with a different last name and then had had the realization that they looked far too much alike to get away with pretending otherwise. So... they hadn't. The system knew they were siblings and it worked out well as long as neither one of them managed to do anything to out themselves because that would out the both of them. But they were careful. It was perhaps the only thing that Sandalio was truly careful about.

Of course, it was the one thing that would get him more than a slap on the wrist, too so there was that to consider. Sandalio got himself in trouble, but never too much trouble. He just... had fun. It was nice, though Killian did wish he could have a few less heart attacks from the guy, maybe.

"Good to know." It would... be better if he just didn't break it, but Killian was glad to know that there was a plan b, as it were. Sometimes they were rather necessary things to have, and this particular Other was certainly trying to get through the barrier. Killian hoped it wouldn't succeed.

He stayed quiet through Suyis' InVisor conversation but laughed slightly at the last thing Suyis said. "Well, probably." Because you know, not being sure and just relying on having bigger guns could certainly be quickly problematic. But this was Suyis and generally the Other did whatever it was he wanted to do. "Well, hopefully, it will go well when they're introduced and there will be minimal dealing with left."

Killian wasn't going to hold his breath, of course, but Others did tend to recognize their Losrian, and there was a good chance that it would at least help. Maybe Sandalio could at least get through to him in a way that the rest of them hadn't been able to do so. It might be enough that 'dealing' with him was a far less daunting prospect. At least, Killian could hope. Otherwise, it was just going to be said for them all.

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Thus I clothe my naked villainy with odd ends stolen forth from holy writ, and seem a saint when most I play the devil.

One could hope. Of course, Suyis was sort of banking on Kassander recognising Sandalio and calming the hell down when he was in presence of him. Because most likely, it was Sandalio that Kassander was missing. Well, that and the little... shiny thing. Whatever that was. It went in the space between Kassander's scales in the middle of his chest, but Suyis hadn't the faintest idea where that was. Or, hell, if one could even still find that thing. A lot of things had been destroyed in the End.

"Hopefully," Suyis agreed. "Well, that'll take a while at least. I've got some other stuff to deal with, and maybe getting blackie over there to quit ramming the wall is a good idea." Preferably before he knocked himself out or something. "Feel like hanging around? Epsilon's got clearance to come down here too, so you can snag her if I'm still busy, and you're a familiar face at least." Sandalio might be a little more at ease around Killian than he'd be around Suyis anyway, so maybe it would be for the best that Killian met him here.

If nothing else, Suyis really did have about a thousand other things to be doing right now. What was new? He always had about a thousand other things to be doing at any given moment, and though he wanted to be present for this, the chances of actually being able to be present were... slim. He knew that probably better than most. ... well, barring maybe Epsilon and Delta. They always seemed to have a real good idea of where Suyis was and what he was doing and whether or not it was important at any given moment.

That was kind of their jobs, though. (Only kind of.)


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"Probably." That couldn't be very safe for him to be ramming into the wall repeatedly. Especially if he'd broken it before. Plus, generally repeated head trauma wasn't good, even for Others. They were still usually vulnerable to certain anatomical injuries. "That's probably not a bad idea. He's likely to wonder what in the world he did to get your attention." Ah, yes, probably.

Sandalio got in trouble a lot, sure, but Killian knew that he stopped well short of getting a beta prime involved. And then this happened and yes, maybe Killian being around to say hello would be comforting. And having him not being as wound up when he first met the other was a good idea. Especially since Kassander here was obviously not going to be the calm one - and one of them probably needed to be.

"I promise not to terrorize your Daeni in the meantime." Not that Suyis generally had to worry about that but... well. Foxes and that was probably all there was to say to that. "I also promise to tell you how it goes if no one else does and you miss it." Because Suyis was a busy, busy Other and Killian knew that, too. But he'd been the one taking care of Kassander all this time, and he kind of deserved to know if it worked out and such.

Killian was sure it would just... maybe not immediately.