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Of Patience and Pixies — Eridanus

Of Patience and Pixies

Started by Ryan Lancaster at Aug 10, 2019 7:27 pm
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You don't know how strong you are until you are faced with your greatest weakness.

One could hope they'd stay in each other's hair long enough to give the two of them a break. But fairy creatures were often much better at entertaining one another than humans were at entertaining them; other fairy creatures understood what was interesting to each other and also understood they were playing tricks in good fun, and it wasn't intended to be harmful.

That was the most difficult part of introducing humans that weren't familiar with fairies to a fairy; they tended to fail to understand fairies were tricksters by nature, and them rearranging things or dumping glitter on your head wasn't intended to piss you off. It was just amusing. At least, amusing to them.

The only problem with the particular shape of Daena's wings was, it was nigh impossible to get her out of this panel without shredding her wings. That had to be why she was stuck. A squeeze one way... actually, maybe if he had her bend her wings down against her arms... he might be able to get her out without too much trouble. He tilted his head at her, and somehow, like often she did, Daena read his mind, pulled her wings against her body, and Ryan attempted to take her out.

No luck. Hmm. The outer casing on the panel's interior was catching. "Could you hand me, like, a screwdriver or something?" Did he know what a screwdriver looked like? "The one with the tapered end would work fine, I think I need to take the interior edging out of the panel to get her loose." It was probably at least partially that his hand was in the way, but that was another issue entirely, and he was much happier with the edges of the panel scraping against his hand, and not her. Daena was too tiny, it'd do a lot of damage to such a tiny little creature.

"How did you fall into this thing without hurting yourself the first time?" Ryan asked, sounding rather incredulous.
"Honestly, I don't know!" Daena squeaked. "But I think I'll try not to back-step into airship control panels anymore."
Yeah, that sounded like a good plan to him.


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Adrian waited for Ryan to respond, letting him work with the other and hoping he could get her out safely. It wasn't all that long before Ryan did finally make a request, his efforts apparently being unsuccessful so far. Adrian spent a moment looking around the tools scattered around to find the screwdriver that Ryan requested.

Fairies tended to be somewhat delicate, it was no wonder that Ryan wanted to make the opening bigger rather than trying to force Daena through it. She was small but if her wings were damaged then it would be a bit before she could really fly and play properly and that was a travesty, really. Plus, if the handler had for some reason taken such a liking to the Other it made sense that he'd want to keep her around. She was probably useful.

"Here," He held it out to Ryan after finding the one with the tapered end. "That does seem to be the way it works though. Can always get in, but man getting back out..." Probably because the falling process tended not to actually be careful at all and whatever damage it did, was going to be done. Ah... not really the point. Hopefully, she hadn't hurt herself falling into it.

Adrian did have to wonder why Ryan had handed the other a control bracelet in the first place though. All he'd had to do was slide it on and maybe this wouldn't have happened. Not saying that, of course. It was hardly his place to question his handler. But it was a curiosity that would probably weigh on Adrian for a while. He didn't read files and he apparently didn't like the control bracelets.

Adrian still had no idea at all what to expect from him, either.

Ryan Lancaster

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You don't know how strong you are until you are faced with your greatest weakness.

"Thanks," Ryan said, taking the screwdriver and then working it between the panel and the plastic lining. It'd take some doing, and Daena, fortunately, moved to the opposite side from where Ryan was working. The last thing he wanted to do was stab his Other with a screwdriver. What happened when Others died? He knew what happened to Others when their losrian died, but no one ever talked about the other way around. Ryan wasn't interested in thinking about it. Most likely, everyone else that was capable of figuring out what happened when an Other died had similar feelings about it.

After a moment, he took the control bracelet, currently beside the panel, and handed it to Adrian. "Hold this," he said. "Wait, actually," and he took it back long enough to fiddle with the dial. The one that controlled how strong the shock signal was. He turned it all the way down, and then wiggled the dial until it snapped off. "Oh, look at that, broke it, oops," he said, and then handed the bracelet to Adrian and pocketed the broken dial.
"Oops," Daena said, sounding amused.
"Oh well." He also intended to conveniently forget to tell the Republic that Adrian's control bracelet was broken. He didn't need it, anyway. Besides, he did know how to fix it. He just had no intention of actually fixing it.

A loud plastic cracking sounded, and then Ryan pulled the inner ring out. "Okay, now try and squeeze through that," he said.
Daena eyed it for a moment, and then jumped up and caught the edge, pulling herself up. Fortunately, her wings just brushed right past the edges of the panel, and she got out without damaging them.
"Yeah, I thought it was the inner ring catching your wings," Ryan said.
"Thanks for that," Daena said. "That was exciting!"
"Don't do that again," Ryan said, frowning. "You coulda really hurt yourself!"
"Aw, everything worked out, dork." Daena smirked and turned to Adrian. "He worries too much," she said, in a conspiratorial stage-whisper. "He'll get high blood pressure sooner or later, just you watch." Totally.