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Of Patience and Pixies — Eridanus

Of Patience and Pixies

Started by Ryan Lancaster at Aug 10, 2019 7:27 pm
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You don't know how strong you are until you are faced with your greatest weakness.

"I think they stopped...?"

Thus far, he'd been assigned a new part-blood, the same one, probably fifty thousand times in the last hour, and then de-assigned. Daena, currently curled up on the ship's hull, which was presently in pieces because Ryan had to rip it off to get to the wiring under it, was watching his InVisor tablet, waiting for it to stop that madness. Of course, Suyis' name was attached to all the assignment notices. Angel's was attached to the de-assignment notices.

So it seemed, apparently, Suyis and Angel had fallen to having arguments through the handler assignment system. How utterly childish. Then again, better they had that war over the handler assignment system, than face to face, because Ryan was quite sure if Angel pissed Suyis off, none of them were going to live to talk about it.

"How long's it been since I last said it changed again?" Daena asked.
Ryan's gaze went to the ceiling, the metallic tinkling of him messing around in the airship's side quieting. "About five or six minutes, at least," he answered. "You didn't check the time?" he asked, peeking up over the ship at the pixie. She wasn't very big, as many pixies aren't, a soft pinkish color, with translucent dragonfly wings. Ryan had gotten creative and made her small clothes that fit, and weren't restrictive-it turned out pixies weren't much fond of restrictive clothing, but he had yet to meet an Other that was.

"I did," Daena answered, "but I forgot what it said."
He tried not to laugh at her, but a snort did escape, anyway. He loved Daena, really, but she liked to pretend she wasn't very bright. "Well, it's been a while, at least. So maybe they did stop, finally."
"It's either that or Suyis knocked Angel out," Daena agreed. "I wish I could've seen that." Daen was not, as it happened, very fond of Angel.

To be fair about it, neither was Ryan, but he preferred not to talk about it. None of it mattered. He hadn't talked much about it with Killian, or Zumimom, or even Tristan or Sandalio, and he didn't intend to. There were far more important things to worry about. "Check the timestamp?" he asked. Yes, more important things, like maybe this new part-blood assignment.

He hoped they liked airships.

"Oh!" Daena exclaimed, and tapped the screen. "6:22," she said. "The time in the corner says 8:39."
"That's a lot longer ago than I thought," Ryan murmured.
"Do you think it's safe to go find them?"
"Maybe." A loud clang sounded as part of the ship suddenly, and rather violently, dislodged from the side. "... and maybe I should not, right now."
"Oh, come on," Daena answered, dangling off the edge of the ship hull. Fortunately, she'd pulled her blonde hair into a bun instead of dangling off the edge of an airship hull with her hair loose. "I want to meet them, don't you?"

Yes... and no. It was always like that, and it was hard to explain. Despite being an Other, Daena didn't think about things like that. Besides, in the airship hangars, he could let Daena wander around as she'd like. It was far less of a good idea in the rest of the Tower proper, but the air fleet didn't care that she was in here. Often, she was a help, even.

"We'll see if they come here," he said. "They might."



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It had been a reasonable amount of time since the last time he was reassigned, Adrian realized finally. Well it seemed the Daeni he'd spoken to had actually managed to put a stop to the incessant reassignment chain, and it seemed he might actually have somewhere to go, finally. Maybe he'd even make it all the way to the airship hangar without being interrupted again.

He hoped so, if only because it was kind of irritating to be tossed around like a child's ball. Not that anyone was asking him, because they most certainly weren't, and even if they did Adrian would probably just... not. Anyway, with the war ended Adrian did finally start to make his way to the Hangar, since that's where his currently handler should have been, if he was reading this properly.

Air Fleet. Adrian hadn't ever worked with that department before, this should be pretty interesting. Something new would probably hold his attention for a little while at least, though of course, eventually the novelty would wear off. Sometimes that happened very quickly depending on just how the handler acted, but Adrian couldn't remember too many bad things being said about Lancaster specifically.

Hopefully that was a good sign. But honestly, he wasn't going to let himself hope too much. Realistically the chances weren't great for it to be enjoyable but maybe tolerable wasn't out of reach. Maybe. But then again those with the clearance to handle him these days tended not to have gotten there for no reason.

Anyway, this was the Hangar. Once he was inside though Adrian became uncertain. Not necessarily because he didn't want to meet his handler - though he didn't, exactly - but because he realized as he entered the space that he didn't know his way around. And, of course, there was a potential for it to be a little dangerous if he wasn't careful.

The part-blood started to glance around a little, sort of looking for someone close by that he might be able to ask for at least a vague direction. It had to be better than just roaming the area, after all.

Ryan Lancaster

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You don't know how strong you are until you are faced with your greatest weakness.

That was another clang... that time, it almost sliced his leg open, and that was unfortunate. If he happened to run into either of his brothers anyitime soon, they might be a little upset to find him in pieces, so maybe he should try not to end up in pieces. Daena frowned, too, but she didn't say anything about that.

"Do you think the new part-blood likes Others?" Daena asked.
Ryan arched an eyebrow, slightly. "I don't know why they wouldn't. They're Other, too."
"Yeah," Daena replied. "But sometimes they get mad at Others because they didn't want to be Other, too."
... well that said something about them that Ryan didn't think he cared for, but on the other hand, he could understand it too. She was right. Maybe it was going to be an unavoidable thing.

"How long do you think it'll take them to get here?" she asked.
Ryan snorted slightly, leaning against the airship. "Do you want to go look for them?"
"This is a reeeeeeeeaaaaally big hangar, Ryan."
It wasn't that he wasn't somewhat pleased to have another assignment. He hadn't had one in about three or four months, and it was starting to get a bit boring. But he kind of had a love-hate relationship with being a handler in the first place. That was entirely unavoidable, he was sure.

"Alright," he said. "Let's go find the new part-blood."
"Yay!" Daena squeaked. "I mean um. Sounds cool."
Ryan just shook his head and shrugged his hoodie back on. "You know the drill."
"Yeah yeah..." Somewhat forlornly, the pixie flittered into the hood of his jacket, getting ready to snuggle down into it so that she was hidden. Before she could, though, she perked up and tilted her head. "No, I sense part-blood by the door!" she said, and then darted that way. Ryan made a strangled surprised sound-he didn't like her doing that because he never knew when there was a human close by that might take offense to her-but she was already zipping around the airships and hull pieces, and then drew up to a stop before smacking the poor guy in the face. With herself. That'd be very unpleasant.

"Hi!" she said. "... you're new. I'm Daena. Are you as lost as you look?" Maybe he did know where he was going.
"Yeah, Daena that's him," Ryan said, jogging after her. The InVisor tablet was beeping (Ryan had turned on the assignment tracker-it was faster than wandering around until they ran into them). ... well, he looked like a he, and the name was masculine so probably. "... uh. I'm Ryan."
"Yes, this is Ryan, wow, that's eloquent, you dork. What'd I say about using the word 'uh'? It doesn't sound very professional! You'll never get a promotion using words like 'uh'!"
Ryan just rolled his eyes at her, but he didn't seem as annoyed as he tried to look.


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There was something that never stopped being unsettling about an Other charging straight for him. Adrian held his ground though, only rocking back slightly when the pixie grew closer than he was prepared for. It was a slight thing though, and his attention focused onit. Well, maybe introducing this new handler to Amber wouldn't go too terribly. ... Later, obviously, not now.

"Ah...Yes." He admitted, carefully. He was a little lost, and while she was not particularly what he'd expected when he started looking for someone to ask, if she knew what he was looking for then that would be easy enough it seemed and answered most of his questions. "Hello there." It was a polite greeting, if a little shallow. Upsetting an Other wasn't usually a good idea, but if she was here in the Hangar she probably belonged to someone. And... well. Hopefully that meant he'd have to actively be trying to completely turn her against him.

Adrian inclined his head politely towards Ryan, most of his attention shifting to focus on the handler now that he was in the vicinity. "I'm Adrian." Ryan, as he introduced himself, seemed to already be aware of that, but the introduction was still politer than not saying anything at all.

The part blood didn't bother to say anything along the lines of it being a pleasure - it wasn't, and he didn't look forward to it, and saying such empty things wasn't likely to get him on anyone's good side anyway. It was better to leave the words unsaid and bear it. Daena and Ryan.

"Sorry I'm a little late." Adrian sounded a bit sheepish. "Got a little turned around." And reassigned far too many times, but it was fine to leave that out of it. It wasn't like Ryan wasn't aware of the assignment messages.


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I'm an absolute ray of fucking sunshine!

"I figured as much," Daena answered, smiling a little. "The hangar's really big and all, and it's not like they think to send you pictures so you at least know what the person you're looking for looks like. If it's any consolation, they don't send the handler pictures either. ... well, there are pictures in the files but Ryan never reads those, so it doesn't count." Ryan, as it happened, had something personal against the files, and he'd explained it so many times, Daena could probably quote it back verbatim. Was she going to? No, didn't intend to.

Ryan would probably get around to repeating it for Adrian at some point. "I'm usually hiding," she said. "The rest of the air fleet don't mind me, but Ryan's paranoid and would much rather I was hiding in his shirt hood anywhere else, but I'm always around." Some part-bloods really liked Others, some really didn't like them at all, but either one Adrian was, getting it out of the way she was around and was going to be either way, maybe that wasn't a bad idea.

"Psh, I was sitting on the InVisor tablet watching it ding every... what was that, two or three minutes?"
"If that," Ryan put in, sounding a hair annoyed. "There was one point the tablet was beeping every 10 seconds."
Daena's face scrunched up. "Probably. I still think Suyis probably clobbered Angel over the head and I'm sad I wasn't there to see it."
"Daena, honestly."
"I don't like him."
Well, a lot of people didn't like a lot of things... that was sort of a part of life.

"Anyway, it's fine," Ryan answered. "Just glad we found you before you had to do a lot of wandering around the hangar. Things fall and go boom around here sometimes, it's kind of startling." And often that was a very big boom. If you dropped a hydrocoil out here, you were going to put the entire hangar out of commission for at least a week.

At least.


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Adrian's expression turned from carefully blank to confused. "But why - never mind." Just, never mind. Ryan didn't read the files? That seemed kind of... strange to Adrian. Not that the Part-Blood was going to try and tell a handler how to do their job it was just ... hm. Strange to think that he wouldn't want to hear about the things that had happened and the problems that Adrian created just by existing.

It could turn out to be a blessing, that he didn't come in with prejudices against Adrian any more than just the fact that he was a part-blood. It could also easily be a curse, in that there was a chance that without knowing things that had set him off in the past, Ryan would manage to fall into the same problems.

"Well, I'll introduce you to Amber later." He'd thought that bringing an Other to meet his handler the first time might be slightly dangerous. Sometimes it went badly, and it had seemed wise to try and feel out the situation first. As it turned out, it wouldn't be a problem - so good, later he'd let Amber meet Daena. It wasn't like she wasn't in his files, so his handlers always knew ... at least, they did if they read but maybe not this time.

Hopefully the two would get along reasonably well.

Adrian was quietly pleased that this was his new handler instead of Angel. It was a small blessing. He didn't say that, it was potentially dangerous to speak against another handler, even if it wasn't his own. Even if the other already had, Adrian wasn't up for testing the waters that quickly.

"I appreciate you coming to find me." Though he did feel bad about apparently interrupting the other's work. It was... unfortunate, but perhaps inevitable, as he'd already thought, this place could be dangerous and after all, he'd never really been around the Hangar so he didn't really know his way around yet. ... He hoped he would learn quickly enough to generally not be in the way, at least.

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You don't know how strong you are until you are faced with your greatest weakness.

Ooh. Daena looked surprised, her lips pursing into a little 'oh' shape, and nodded seriously. After a moment or two, she then turned to Ryan and whispered, "What's an Amber?"

Ryan, perhaps unsurprisingly, burst into laughter. "It's. A name, Daena," he answered, between fits of giggling.
"Oh," Daena responded, sort of sinking in the air. "Well, sounds like that'll be interesting, then!" Meeting new people, or Others, was nice. It kind of sounded, now that she thought about it, like Adrian intended to introduce her to another Other. Daena was far more often hanging around Ryan, she didn't get to interact with her own kind very much. Sometimes a part-blood or Losrian assignment Ryan had, had an Other companion. Apparently, Adrian did, and this one was called Amber.


"Well, figured it was better than wandering around aimlessly," Ryan said, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "The hangar doesn't really make any sense unless you know it really well, either, so that won't even really get you far. Course, you'd eventually run into Dante. Dante's the really blond, short Asian guy, he's a bit snappy but try not to take it personally, that's just how he is with everyone. He knows this place almost as well as I do." At that, Ryan arched an eyebrow in amusement. Daena rolled her eyes. "If you can't find something, but you can find Dante, ask him. Funny enough, though, he's always here, but he's actually Engineering, not Air Fleet." On the flip side, he was a Sigma, and his thing, so to say, seemed to be airships.

Well, hydrocoils, not exactly the same thing.

"Have you ever worked on an airship before?" How green was this kid? The greener the better, really; it meant Adrian likely had less bad habits for Ryan to fix. Nobody knew airships like Ryan. Nobody. Except maybe Suyis Lucain, but Suyis wasn't here.


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"Yes, it's a name, sorry." Adrian smiled a little, looking embarassed. "She's kind of a fairy cat, I guess." That was the best way he'd ever been able to describe her. Daena would see eventually, of course. He thought the two would probably get along, hopefully. As long as nothing happened to set either of them off in the first meeting. But Amber was playful not normally malicious, so... he wasn't too worried.

Well, probably, to be fair. Easier to have someone tell him than wander around, and it was faster. Precely the same reasons he'd been looking to ask someone originally when they showed up so it was... well... it was just as well that Ryan had come looking for him first. Still it was a little surprising that Ryan had cared to come looking stead of waiting for him to figure it out himself.

Adrian wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing in the longer run. He'd see, he supposed.

"I'll keep that in mind." But mostly he preferred not to interact if he didn't have to because it tended to piss fewer people off. After all it was easier to ignore him if he didn't try and hold a conversation with anyone. Still if he got too turned around somehow knowing who his Handler would want him to talk to was probably for the best.

"Ah, no, actually." Adrian admitted. "This is my first time assigned to the Air Fleet." So he didn't really know what he was doing at all and he would have a lot to learn. Adrian had some small hope that his being green wouldn't be too bad. But then again there were many factors to how this was going to go so he shouldn't let those hopes get up too high.

Hope was kind of dangerous, after all. Because it didn't promise anything would be okay at all. It just made you believe it might be.

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You don't know how strong you are until you are faced with your greatest weakness.

A fairy cat? At this point, maybe Ryan should be thanking his lucky stars he kind of had a decent amount of experience with fairy creatures. It wasn't like the fairy creatures bothered him much, but he did notice they often had a strong penchant for mischief. He could see that being a bit of a migraine to have to deal with, because humans generally didn't like Others, and didn't tend to try understanding them, and probably didn't understand the pranks and such were all in good fun and not meant to cause harm...

He made a face, both eyebrows raising and his tongue sticking out slightly-that one had to be a mess with any other handler in this acursed tower, but hey, he liked fairy creatures, and the air fleet were starting to get used to Daena. It'd be fine. Smaller creatures were helpful for them, anyway, because there were some things they could get to without needing to rip apart the entire airship, and without concern about blowing the hydrocoils.

Good. "Nice, so you have no idea what you're doing, good deal, that's fantastic," he said, smiling. "That sounds sarcastic, kind of, but actually, it really is good. Means I don't have to spend half our time correcting someone else's bad habits. S'not like you'd have questioned anyone that taught you wrong. Unless you're the type that would." Some part-bloods were extremely passive. Others snapped at the slightest provocation, but this one seemed to lean more to the former, and Suyis would really only insist on him specifically so fiercely as to get into a two hour war over the handler assignment system with Angel Valencia if this one was one of the two.

Ryan, you see, repaired the broken ones. That when Suyis showed them the way out, they had the courage and will to go. Or at least, that was the idea. Through varying reasons, they'd so far only managed to free two, and one had been killed in battle with the Republic later, so what was the point? The other, neither had seen since. He seemed to have bunkered down in the Tiernan Wood and never come back out.

That was valid, though.

"Well, I have a job at the moment," he said. "Currently pulling apart an airship and fixing the wiring. This is an older ship that's usually just a scout ship, but it's been sitting around long enough for rodents with large teeth to get into it if you get the drift." A lot of those wires were severed, to say the least. "So you can watch, and I'll explain some stuff, and we'll just kinda play it by ear. If you get lost, just ask." In this line of business, it was better to feel kind of stupid asking a question than to legitimately be stupid by not.


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Blink. If it hadn't been for that smile, Adrian might have shrunk immediately. As it was, he nearly did anyway. The next thing he said was only partially encouraging - as it assured him that that wasn't sarcasm. Learning might not be so bad, if this Ryan wouldnt' mind teaching him. But there was a chance he would get annoyed if Adrian didn't pick things up fast enough.

Adrian did shake his head slightly at the last. There had been times where he had started to, and even times where he'd gotten through his lashing out or backtalking before regretting it. But he'd always regretted it. It was... it was certainly not something he wanted to repeat with this one.

It was easier if he just bore it silently. Sometimes it even hurt less, if he was lucky. His tail chose that moment to twitch sharply to one side, though Adrian didn't seem to notice - or if he did, he was good at hiding it, by now.

"Yikes. That sounds... like a mess to be putting back together." Rodents and wiring did not get along, and for good reason, after all. Adrian nodded along to the last part though. It wasn't like he actually had a choice there but the illusion was... nice if strange. It was funny how little it took to be somewhat satisfactory, if Adrian thought about it objectively. Such a little thing, not even a real choice, and Adrian was almost ready to start to relax around him.

"That sounds fine." Seeing it in action and potentially getting his hands on it with Ryan explaining things was probably the best way of handling this, if Adrian was being honest. It wasn't like there were ever very many instructions given. So... he was going to take in what he could and they'd figure it out from there, apparently.

The part blood shuffled a little closer to Ryan in anticipation of the handler starting to lead the way.