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Chin up, love. We're all the villain in someone's story.


23 ♦ Male ♦ October 30 ♦ Scorpio ♦ Losrian ♦ Republic ♦ Enforcement ♦ Alpha Rating ♦ Pansexual ♦ Polyamorous AF
Father: Viktor
Younger Brother: Brian Vasilyev
Handler: Aren Lin
Dating: Ryan Thomas (Lancaster)
He does not have an Other decided right now, so that could be part of a new character.

Currently: Probably having euphoria withdrawals because the boys kinda "forgot" to give him his shots.
Plot Ideas:

  1. He probably has more friends than just Aren, anyone's totally welcome to be another one of those friends.
  2. He also probably makes a point to talk to other losrians and part-bloods in the commons when he's allowed there, so he may have friends that way too.
  3. Could theoretically shove another sibling in there somewhere lol


26 ♦ Male ♦ August 17 ♦ Leo ♦ Part-Blood ♦ Republic ♦ Defense ♦ Epsilon Rating ♦ Single ♦ Pretty Gay ♦ Might be poly
Handler: Soren Casey

Currently: Most likely minding his business and keeping his head down. If I remember right Suyis has a mission for him and his brother soon.
Plot Ideas:

  1. He's a skittish thing and could use friends absolutely fosho.
  2. I also wanna get him a boyfriend at some point but you know, maybe someday.
  3. He will be hanging around Suyis' tower eventually I'm sure.


19 ♦ Male ♦ Unknown ♦ Unknown ♦ Part-Blood ♦ Republic ♦ Engineering ♦ Epsilon Rating ♦ Single ♦ Unknown ♦ Maybe poly
Handler: Suyis Maitra-Lucain

Currently: Going, basically, what the fuck? at everything Suyis does because what the fuck? This dude makes no sense at all.
Plot Ideas:

  1. Could also use friends.
  2. Maybe some family member or two somewhere? He's a young thing so probably older siblings.
  3. Not sure if he's straight or not, so the romance thing is like "I guess we'll see what happens."


23 ♦ Male ♦ March 12 ♦ Pisces ♦ Part-Blood-Losrian ♦ Republic ♦ Enforcement ♦ Zeta Rating ♦ Single ♦ Pretty Gay ♦ I doubt he's poly
Other: Killian
Handler: Daren Caely

Currently: In Suyis' medical ward, recovering from losing an entire wing in an arena fight. It was not fantastic.
Plot Ideas:

  1. He should have family somewhere.
  2. He also does need friends. Like, friends are great.

Gabrielle Brenner-Maitra

26 ♦ Female ♦ August 7 ♦ Leo ♦ Tyrrhenian ♦ Republic ♦ Medical ♦ Rho Rank ♦ Single ♦ Uh Bi I think ♦ May be poly?
Adoptive Father: Suyis Maitra-Lucain
Brother: Malachi Brenner-Maitra
Adoptive Siblings: Jadyka Maitra, Jahan Maitra, Honour Hennessey-Maitra

Currently: Being depressed because she was getting so close to a breakthrough with Dmitri and then the Republic got up her butt, and this always happens. She's really starting to wonder if they even care.
Plot Ideas:

  1. Friends.
  2. Uh. Former assignments are absolutely possible, and she's kind of a maternal figure.

Honour Hennessey

43 ♦ Female ♦ April 12 ♦ Aries ♦ Daeni ♦ Republic ♦ Handler ♦ Defence ♦ Delta Rank ♦ Gamma Clearance ♦ Single ♦ Hetero? ♦ Possibly poly
Adoptive FatherSuyis Maitra-Lucain
Adoptive Siblings: Jadyka MaitraJahan Maitra, Gabrielle Brenner-MaitraMalachi Brenner-Maitra
Assignment and Son: Atenra

Currently: Being pissed off in Suyis' general direction for daring to assign her her own son. But of course, Suyis doesn't really give a fuck what she wants or doesn't, so this isn't getting her very far.
Plot Ideas:

  1. She's supposed to have younger siblings. They were also likely adopted by Suyis. (She is technically Honour Hennessey-Maitra.)
  2. She could also use some friends.
  3. And maybe a boyfriend at some point. Maybe not right this second but someday.

Jadyka Maitra

78 ♦ Male ♦ November 2 ♦ Scorpio ♦ Daeni ♦ Republic ♦ Handler ♦ Enforcement ♦ Gamma Rank ♦ Alpha Clearance ♦ Single ♦ I wouldn't be stunned if he's ace and panro ♦ Unlikely to be poly
Would not be surprised to find out Jadyka and Jahan are losrians and Suyis is Jadyka's Other. Makes a LOT of sense to me.
Adoptive FatherSuyis Maitra-Lucain
Brother: Jahan Maitra
Adoptive Siblings: Honour Hennessey-MaitraGabrielle Brenner-MaitraMalachi Brenner-Maitra
 Andrei, Dmitri

Currently: Getting the greenie Aren Lin settled in and Axel out of the holding cells and whatnot. Also wondering how well this one's going to work out. He's getting tired of disappointments. Also preparing to head out to Pyxis.
Plot Ideas:

  1. There's always more room for more Maitras. There are LOTS of Maitras.
  2. Could use friends, he's probably got lots of them in and outside the Republic.
  3. If you wanna try and woo that, good luck?

Jesse Lin

20 ♦ Male ♦ March 2 ♦ Pisces ♦ Tyrrhenian ♦ Republic ♦ Medical ♦ Sigma Rank ♦ Single ♦ Pan I believe ♦ Definitely poly
Cousin: Aren Lin
Cousin: Dante Lin

Currently: Trying to figure out how to discontinue the usage of euphoria, or at least curb its destructive properties, or something.
Plot Ideas:

  1. Lin family is are be huge. Feel free to make cousins.
  2. Friends are good things. Jesse probably has many.
  3. Also feel free to try wooing.


24 ♦ Male ♦ August 1 ♦ Leo ♦ Part-Blood ♦ Republic ♦ Enforcement ♦ Gamma Rating ♦ Single ♦ Bi? Bi. ♦ Poly
Handler: Daren Caely

Currently: Minding his business and sticking to the hydroponics gardens in Suyis' tower.
Plot Ideas:

  1. Should have family somewhere. Probably not his parents, I'm expecting siblings. These could be Tyrrhenian still or also part-bloods for their parents' activism, whatever.
  2. Friends. Kaspian has none. Nor any interest in them so he may be difficult to befriend.
  3. Also feel free to woo.

Kassander Giovanni

Unknown ♦ Nonbinary ♦ October 22 ♦ Libra ♦ Other ♦ Single ♦ Gay I believe ♦ Poly if the people are right
Twin Brother: Icarus Giovanni
Losrian: Sandalio (Lancaster)

Currently: Being crazy because the light is gone. Whatever that even means.
Plot Ideas:

  1. There is a daeni version of him running the Dragons of Circinus. Could run into someone from the Dragons and have Confusion. (Sandalio will eventually venture to drag him outside. lol)
  2. Should have another younger twin brother somewhere, besides Icarus.
  3. Feel free to attempt to woo. Sandalio won't gut you if you don't do anything Dumb.

Livia Andros

46 ♦ Female ♦ January 5 ♦ Capricorn ♦ Losrian ♦ Divorced ♦ Hetero ♦ Poly if the people are right
Other: Alcides (he was spliced with her Other... I know right)
Step-Son: Atenra

Currently: Being annoyed and in Volans. But her son disappeared and she's betting the Republic's got him and Seth is god knows where.
Plot Ideas:

  1. She and Seth could've easily had kids during the time-frame they were married. So they'd be younger than Atenra, and his half-siblings.
  2. Could have cousins, the Andros family is large and pretty powerful.
  3. Also feel free to woo.

Lucius McKenna

39 ♦ Male ♦ August 3 ♦ Leo ♦ Tyrrhenian ♦ Republic ♦ Handler ♦ Defence ♦ Iota Rank ♦ Gamma Clearance ♦ Single ♦ Pan ♦ Theoretically he could be poly if he focused a little less firmly... but he does... so... poly doesn't cross his mind because he's too busy spoiling the one lover to find another.
Family: He has a wanted ad up for parents and siblings. None are farmers anymore.
Assignments: Viktor

Currently: Wondering wtf Suyis brought this Losrian all the way out here personally for but then decided not to dwell on the what and started wondering why Lucius got assigned this one. In the meantime, bonding... we're doing bonding.
Plot Ideas:

  1. He and a farmer neighbour run a technically-not-illegal-but-also-not-officially-sanctioned soup kitchen in Pyxis and it could easily get them in a lotta trouble. Yolo.
  2. Could certainly use other friends.
  3. Feel free to woo. Don't be too surprised if you fail.

Medea White

19 ♦ Female ♦ April 3 ♦ Aries ♦ Tyrrhenian ♦ Outlander ♦ Single ♦ Unknown ♦ Unknown
Brother: Adrian

Currently: Probably eking out a really complicated living because she hasn't figured out how to fully Outland and still depends on the Dome for trade opportunities. Now doesn't that fucking suck.
Plot Ideas:

  1. Could use a more experienced Outlander to help her figure out how to fully Outland.
  2. Otoh, also running across her brother is a nice idea too, so maybe not right this second.
  3. Could definitely use friends. Maybe someone to teach her survivalism skills cause she has all of like one.
  4. Feel free to woo. I don't know how that'll work out.

Seth Antares

47 ♦ Male ♦ January 12 ♦ Capricorn ♦ Losrian ♦ Outlander ♦ Single (Crushing?) ♦ Pan ♦ Poly
Son: Atenra

Currently: Telling Atenra the story of how Livia is not in fact his biological mother and his handler is his biological mother, doesn't that suck.
Plot Ideas:

  1. He probably has friends both in the Republic and in the Outlands. He gets around.
  2. Also helps people with their airships.
  3. Seth is also the only one on the site that can short the control chips and break the collars without killing the one they're attached to. He cannot help you with euphoria though, you need Suyis and Jadyka for that one.
  4. Feel free to try wooing. His love-life is complicated at the moment though.

Suyis Maitra-Lucain

Unknown ♦ Genderless ♦ February 3 ♦ Aquarius ♦ Other ♦ Republic ♦ Engineering ♦ Beta Prime ♦ Single ♦ Pan ♦ Poly
Please note, only Others know Suyis is also an Other. Everyone else thinks he's daeni or something. Would not be surprised to find out Jadyka and Jahan are losrians and Suyis is Jadyka's Other. Makes a LOT of sense to me.
Adoptive Children: Jadyka MaitraJahan MaitraGabrielle Brenner-MaitraMalachi Brenner-MaitraHonour Hennessey-Maitra
Adoptive Grandchildren: Atenra

Currently: Um, well trying to fix Kassander, and also gathering everyone he can together in the tower in Pyxis because he's basically raising an army behind the Republic's back. We'll see how long it takes the Republic to figure this one out.
Plot Ideas:

  1. He always has room for more adoptions. You can never adopt too much.
  2. Suyis is also the current reigning HoloArena Champion and probably has some hero-worship somewhere for that, for some god-awful reason...
  3. He also runs the only airship company in the world, so if you want airships and airship parts, you deal with Suyis. Even the Republic does.
  4. Feel free to attempt to woo. Fair warning, he's a psychopath and it's pretty hard to make friends with him, let alone woo him. Could make for a fun adventure though.

Tristan Lancaster

40 ♦ Male ♦ January 16 ♦ Capricorn ♦ Losrian ♦ Outlander ♦ Single ♦ Bi probably ♦ Might be poly
Younger Brothers: Ryan Thomas (Lancaster)Sandalio Thomas (Lancaster)

Currently: Wandering around trying to find an answer to the bullshit that is dysphoria, because it's killing both his brothers and he's getting about fed up with its existence.
Plot Ideas:

  1. Friends. Friends are good.
  2. Could specifically use medical or one of the science-y leaned department Republic friends. Or, medical-or-science leaned non-Republic friends.
  3. Theoretically might have kids somewhere.
  4. Feel free to attempt to woo. I make no promises. He's only had one love interest before.

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