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The Pavo Mines — Pavo Ruins

The Pavo Mines

Started by Sionyx at Dec 06, 2019 8:24 pm
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Chin up, love. We're all the villain in someone's story.

Most say the mines aren't operable anymore, however they seem to be still in operation and the head miner asks anyone who comes close to help find a certain miner. The mines caved in and now they're separated from one another. There aren't many miners available to help look, so they could certainly use the help if one's willing.

This is an optional "event" in this region that players can choose to take on. I will periodically interrupt any thread that's made here for the mines with story tidbits, but outside of that, you're free to do the rest of the thread any way you'd like. The search for the miner begins and ends the exact same way every single time, and the lost miner is in the exact same place behind the exact same wall every single time. This isn't just a side-effect of role-play, it literally is the same every time. The head miner even says the same thing as thanks every time, and gives the same amount of caps as a reward.

As characters begin to experience the mines and start talking to one another about it, we may have a cluster of individuals trying to uncover the mines' secrets. Every time someone comes into the mines, I'll be dropping new hints and new events will occur along the way, so perhaps someday the secret of the Pavo mines will be unravelled...

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