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I don't know what I'm doing — Eridanus

I don't know what I'm doing

Started by Aren Lin at Dec 03, 2019 7:03 pm
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Aren Lin

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We are buried in broken dreams. We are knee deep without a plea. I don't want to know what it's like to live without you. Don't want to know the other side of a world without you.

Again, Aren felt his heart lurch at the image of Ian--er--Axel--on the floor. He was curled up into a little ball, as if he could protect himself from whatever horrors that awful Euphoria was doing to him. The name of it disgusted Aren beyond belief; Euphoria? More like death shot directly through the veins. Just seeing Axel like that made Aren want to do something... anything to fix it. And yet, he was told it would be a slow, dangerous process. Whatever he could do to help, he would do. He just felt hopeless and helpless in that moment. Aren winced openly--despite trying his best not to--as Axel let out a decidedly horrific sound. 

Aren stepped forward, not even sure what he planned to do. Drop down beside Axel and... what? He was afraid that even touching him might make things worse. Besides which... Surely he wouldn't want a stranger touching him out of nowhere, especially a stranger that apparently held the power to simply electrocute him if he didn't listen. Aren frowned to himself, not liking any of it.

"Oh, yes..." Aren felt himself flushing with embarrassment and shame. Of course it would take time for Axel to be able to go anywhere in his condition. They couldn't just go while Axel was curling up and writhing in pain. His hands flexed again, as if he could do something with them but knowing he couldn't. 


"The downtime... that's a good idea," Aren said. Despite how much it hurt to look at him, he couldn't seem to take his eyes off Axel. And then as he went to stand and fell, Aren couldn't even stop himself. He was at his side, as if he could grasp him and hold him up--but he was too late and too far away. Axel was already on the ground and Aren hovered like an idiot. Before he could make any decision about how to help him up, Jadyka had come to the rescue and Aren wasn't sure whether to be relieved or to feel more like an idiot. He sort of felt a little from both columns. 

"Of course," he said hurriedly as he got the door for Jadyka so that he could help Axel through. Hopefully the worst of the Euphoria was over but still... Aren wasn't sure if they should move him so soon. He tried to be quiet when he asked Jadyka, "Is he really going to be okay?"

Jadyka Maitra

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It is not the honour you take with you, but the legacy you leave behind.

That was the hope, at least. Of course, Jadyka knew things weren't quite so simple. It wasn't as easy as just smacking a bandaid on it and hoping it stuck. They could stop euphoria from doing more damage, quite easily, sure, but undoing the damage that had already been done, now that was another story, and the answer to whether or not they could do that, or how easy it'd be... Jadyka didn't have that. It was hard to say. It might be easier than anticipated, it may be quite a bit harder.

"It's hard to say for certain," Jadyka said quietly. "All we can do is try." And really, that was what Axel needed the most anyway. Someone that was willing to try for him. It'd been a long time since anyone had, and it was long overdue.

For now, though, they had a goal they were working towards. They had a pathway to get there, some alliances to make, some other ones to break. Maybe things wouldn't turn out absolutely as planned, but things rarely did. Sometimes you had everything planned out and the universe threw a wrench or six in your well-oiled machine. It was what it was. And, they'd deal with it if and when it happened. In the meantime, getting Axel somewhere he could be a useless lump for now, and arranging that tram were more important.

"A step at a time, mm?" Jadyka said. "You don't climb mountains by catapulting yourself to the top." Well, theoretically you could do it that way, but Jadyka honestly didn't suggest it. It sounded like a headache waiting to happen. Or maybe a funeral...

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