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Started by hephaestus at Dec 03, 2019 2:24 am
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we must stop killing each other
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That which does not kill me, had better run; because now I'm pissed.

hellooo finally doing this. yes, i know. im sos orry. but hey at least im getting mine done unlike SOMEONE, ARCEUS lol

Dante Lin
26, male mostly, daeni, republic, engineering, sigma rank, single, gay af, may or may not be poly idk
currently hanging around the air fleet's hangars in eridanus. he'll eventually get called to suyis' tower in pyxis because suyis wants him helping ryan with airships. weird thing to want but whatever. his job is not questioning beta primes tbh.

Dmitri (Von Einzbern)
17, gender fluid, losrian-part-blood, enforcement, alpha rating, single, gay af, poly if the people are right, assigned to jadyka, has not met his other
jadyka's teaching him and his twin brother andrei how to control their telepathy and stuff about plants. because dmitri likes plants and its pretty much the only thing he likes.

Jahan Maitra
74, male mostly, daeni, defense, epsilon rank, single, probably gay af, might also be poly, hes kind of a tsundere tho
hes hanging around the tower making sure jadyka doesnt get himself killed. he'll be following to pyxis, and will probably stay in suyis' tower for a bit at least bc he likes seeing suyis, even if the bird beak IS confusing.

Ryan (Lancaster) Thomas
38, male, air fleet, delta rank, beta clearance, gay af, also poly, he's dying from dysphoria tho
getting to know his new part-blood assignment and hopefully make friends. and making faces at the control bracelet thing because he hates those things.