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Starter Guide

Welcome to Imperion! This handy little guide will get you from interested guestfish to registered member! It's actually quite simple. There is one thing to note, and that is that Imperion is hosted in the main admin's basement. Sometimes the power goes out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

First thing, please register, and choose an OOC account first. Our software, Gaia, is both account-per-character and account-per-player, and allows for character creation separate from accounts. (You don't need to switch accounts for anything. Actually, you can't.)

What you input for username will be used for displayed name if you leave it blank. Username is what is logged in with, and displayed name is what you're called on the forum. Gaia does not collect email addresses.

When you log in, if you wish to remain logged in, tick "remember me."
Once registered, find your name at the top right of the site and click it, then choose Manage Characters. From here, you'll click "Create Character." The fields presented should be fairly straight-forward. All that is required here is first name and grouping. You can fill out the rest, if you need a biography, or you can leave it alone, whatever works for you.

Once you're done with a character, and would like to go play with them, you can tick the ready to play checkbox, and save the character with it checked. The character should appear in your character post-as list in posting screens where character posts are enabled.

Enjoy, and welcome to Imperion!