never forget where you came from...
General Rules
  1. Treat others how you would like them to treat you.
  2. Any behavioural issues, or disputes between players, will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  3. Our site is very gritty under the surface. It is not recommended for players below the age of sixteen (16).
  4. Mature content may occur on this site. It must be opted into, and by turning this on, one is affirming, and taking responsibility for that affirmation, they are at or above the age of eighteen (18).
  5. Play-bys are mixed media. Do not steal artwork, use artwork that hasn't been okayed for usage, or faces that you have no name for.
  6. We have no word count, no character caps, or gender/race bans. Also no application.
  7. Communicate with fellow players. If things aren't going so hot, or not as interesting, just mention it.
  8. High-ranking positions, faction leaders, and Republic handlers, must be able to post at least once a month, or be around to discuss things with.
    Otherwise, players that haven't been seen in 2 months are filed inactive, and may lose ranks/assignments.
Discord Rules
  1. There are many channels in the Discord, each with their own purpose. Please keep subjects to their designated channel.
  2. Do not DM a player, or staff member, from our Discord, without permission or request from them to do so.
  3. Mature topics, discussions, etc, must be kept to the #red-room channel. No exceptions.
  4. While there is a help and a suggestions channel, please keep longer and more complicated help and suggestion topics to the forums.
  5. The Discord is a supplement to the forum, not a replacement.