never forget where you came from...
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Magic Use ☆☆☆☆☆
Distinctions Stubborn and resourceful.
Very adaptable.
Lifespan ~120 years
Territories The Dome

Typical, every-day humans, Tyrrhenians fled the End, hiding underground, and only recently returned to the planet's surface. Since then, they've built a large, climate-controlled Dome, to protect them from the harsh environment of the Outlands, and any rabid animals that may seek to attack, and even the Others. Some Tyrrhenians have decided, for whatever reason, that they do not like the Dome, and have left it, building cities and settlements in the Outlands. These are called Outlanders. The United Republic controls and protects the Dome, and is not only its government, but also its only military.


Humans have not changed much over the years. The colourations remain the same, with a somewhat even distribution of varying hair and eye colours, as well as skin tones.

Humans are however very capable of dyeing their hair, and said hair may come in a wide variety of unnatural shades, with blue being very heavily favoured.

Known History

Tyrrhenian history prior to the End is a mystery. Very few historical records from that time have survived. The End is estaimated to have occurred some hundred or so years prior to the start of Imperion's timeline. The year should be somewhere around 4316 -- but the Tyrrhenians of the Dome have labelled it 102 AE, standing for After the End.

Most Dome citizens, provided they are Registered, are at least taken care of. While they may not necessarily have the money for everything they want, the Republic has programmes to ensure that they have what they need. Charities are not really a concept, anymore, as the Republic will arrange for trades and similar for families in need (a percentage of crop yield in return for seeds, for instance). They have a slightly less generous treatment of individuals that are unmarried and childless. One of the fastest ways to get the Republic to care about you is adopting a child, married or not.

Same-sex partners are generally not allowed to adopt, however, for fear of teaching children homosexuality is okay. For Tyrrhenians, whose population has drastically fallen as far as they know, creating and raising childrenis a very integral part of Tyrrhenia's future well-being. This can be circumvented by adopting as a sole individual. Even so, many Tyrrhenians have trouble conceiving. Since the End, widespread infertility has been a lingering issue, in both sexes.

It is known that Tyrrhenians in the Outlands often live their entire lifespan and never once bear a child, regardless of how often they try. An estimated 90% of Tyrrhenians live in the Dome. The other 10% are Outlanders. (These numbers are likely to be highly disproportionate as the Republic does not count unregistered humans or Losrians in these counts.)