never forget where you came from...
Image by Disney
Magic Use ★★★★★
Distinctions Ability to access and command magic.
Unique powers and abilities.
Unique appearances.
Lifespan Natural lifespan unknown
Territories Tyrrhenia

Others have been known about for many, many years, long before humans returned to the surface. It is believed that the Others were there before the End, and many attribute the conflict between Others and humans, the wars called the Arcane Wars, to be the cause of the End. However, the Others maintain that they and humans were once friends, and the Losrians are now the bridge between them.

It is unknown if Others are native to this planet at all, as they may not be, or where they come from, or even where they first populated this planet.


Many Others are familiar; they take forms and shapes that humans can easily identify and readily consider to be "familiar." Most Others are separated into category based upon their overall appearance. More canine-looking Others are grouped together in Canis, and the more feline-looking Others are Felis, and so on.

But Others are dreams personified, and sometimes, particularly those of children, dreams do not make any sense. Others can be terrifying, or cute, or maybe somewhere in between. They can be animalistic, human-like, or monstrous. There are dragons and serpents and fairies and birds and cats...

The only limit to your Other is your own imagination.

Each Other was created by a specific human, always a Losrian. Any given Other, when they happen to come across the Losrian whose dreams they were born from, will know this and sense this draw. As they are born of the same soul, the two can and often do get along quite well, and work together as a team. They can sometimes transfer thoughts and feelings between each other, and somehow know when one another are in danger. But Others can also go a very long time never finding the human they are bound to.

Known History

None really know the true history of Others. Simply, it is known they are the personification of dreams, and these dreams are not always pretty, nor always kind, but usually have the best interests of their person at heart. Others have been around for as long as the current races can remember, and there is even some mild evidence that Others existed before humans' histories began. This implies that they were here before humans, but this doesn't quite add up with the standard histories.

Others don't terribly care whom was here first, only that they have as much right to exist as humans do.

Unlike humans, Others are very observant. They are innately capable, very capable, in magic usage, and can identify the difference between a human, a part-blood, and a Losrian, more or less immediately on sight. They are also usually quite skilled with technology, but some Others don't much care for it.

Many Others are Outlanders, but some live in the Dome, usually alongside a trusted human companion. A good number of Others are part of the Andascan city-states.

Some Others are known as Asuras. Asuras are extremely powerful Others, that seem to rule over the rest and are viewed by them as deities. Many Outlanders also believe in Asuras and take certain ones as their group's patron defender. Many arena fighters in the Dome will do similar.