never forget where you came from...
Image by Tecmo Koei
Magic Use ★★★★☆
Distinctions Ability to create, and work with, Others
Ability to access and command magic
Speckle tolerance
Lifespan Natural lifespan unknown
Territories Andascan Federation

Mostly human, with an uncanny ability to use magic and resist speckles, places where dark magic thrives, to some extent, Losrians are not really understood. The vast majority of them were born above ground, from ancestors that never sought shelter underground after the End, and their genetic makeup has changed in odd ways. Interestingly, they're also capable of controlling the Others, though the specific mechanics of this are not well understood. A large number of Losrians are Andascan, as it was the Losrians that established and built the Andascan city-states.

Each Losrian has dreamed into existence a single Other, and that Other is the only Other born of their Losrian. This connection between Losrian and the Other that was born of them is how Losrians seem to command Others; but it is really only one of them. Others are more trusting of Losrians in general, however, and many Others can sense a Losrian when they meet one. This may make it easier for Losrians to befriend and earn the trust of Others that were not born of them.


Like most any other humanoid being, Losrians are generally not notably different from humans. They have quite normal colouration for a human, a wide range of skin tones from deep, rich browns to pale porcelain tones, and their hair may be some shade of black, brown, red, or gold. Some may have naturally silver or bluish hair. Eye colours tend to be blue, green, brown, or black, but grey, silver, gold, and white run strongly. Purples are also typical in certain Losrian lines.

Some Losrians may have somewhat strange traits; in example, the Losrians of Gibraltar were known to occasionally have slight purplish or greenish glows to their eyes.

Known History

No one really knows where the Losrians came from, but a very common theory is that they were borne of the humans that remained on the planet's surface when the Tyrrhenians fled the surface world to the Homes. As they are much better adapted to life closer to the surface, and better understand the Outlands, it stands to reason they have been active on the surface for much longer than the rest of the human race. (Not to say humans consider the Losrians human; they are distinctly Other.) The Andascan city-states are connected together via underground tunnels, so it is implied that at some point they did need to leave the surface, at least for a short time, but returned much sooner.

Unlike humans, Losrians have magic running in their veins, the ability to access and command magical powers. And unlike with Others, there is no real logical form that a Losrian's abilities may take. Brown haired Losrians aren't automatically earth-controllers, and there aren't Losrians that control fire and have red eyes. Each Losrian has abilities unique to them, albeit the Andascan city-states themselves seem to have similarities between their citizens. For instance, Gibraltar was home to mediums and necromancers, while those of Calabria were known to have an affinity with plants.

Andasca's city-states remained independent, and thusly so did the Losrians, after the Tyrrhenians and their United Republic returned to the surface world. It was, perhaps, only a matter of time until the Losrians and the United Republic started butting heads; after all, the Losrians learned to live with and work alongside, if not love, that which is Other, and the United Republic has no tolerance of that which is Other. At present, half of the Andascan Federation has been destroyed by a gas called Dysphoria, designed to throw a Losrian's magic out of control and destroy them with it, the natural opposition to Euphoria, the drug the United Republic dampens a Losrian, Other, or part-blood's powers with.

Losrians, like Others, are often captured and controlled by the UR. The Andascan city-states still standing have remained despite this, but the rulers of the Andascan Federation, the Warlords, only seek to preserve and protect what remains of Andasca, not start a war with the Republic. Whether they like it or not, however, they may soon have no choice.