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13-08-2019 - Staff Search

Aug 13, 2019 12:10 pm

I'm running solo. I actually had staff before but both are very busy with work and one has their own site. I also have another site I run, along with a couple sites I play on, so having another hand on deck is probably not a bad idea, and this news post is where you can get more info!

Now, mostly, I just need brains I guess. Most of the lists and moderation junk is handled automatically by the software, so primarily it's plot-pushers and people to help get new members acclimated and moving, someone to like ping-pong ideas off of. I have a few, and there are still a couple details and things to hammer and work out with the site lore (at the moment I'm just kind of placeholder-text-here xD). But having another set of eyes and someone else around to answer questions and whatnot, that's probably not a bad idea. c:

There is actually also like a background... goal, I guess, it's not entirely a plot-line but if the characters go digging for it, they'll find a lot of what they think they know is a got-dang lie, and if they want the truth, they'll have to go digging for that, too. There's a threat that's coming that they'll need to deal with. But how the site actually gets to the part where it faces it, how everyone handles it later, that's in the air. But I will need someone to help me kinda nudge people the right way and maybe NPC some gods for me.

I get really busy all of a sudden without a lot of warning, sometimes, and there's some real-life tough-stuff I'm dealing with right now and it could get very ugly very quick, and I just kind of want to make sure Imperion'll still be there when I come back out of the storm. That someone that cares about it is looking out for it while I'm in it.

If you're interested, you can message me here on the site, or contact me on Discord. c: