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10-08-2019 - Hello we're open

Aug 10, 2019 6:03 pm

Yes we are open!

Mostly just posting this so everyone knows what this blank block is for at the top. xD Finally, after 3 years of being in development, Imperion is open and available for the public to register on.


For those that were expecting Imperion to be a Pokemon site, well, maybe you'll like it anyway. Imperion was a Pokemon site for the three years it ran before its revamp, but it was decided that remaining a Pokemon site when, quite frankly, it had no business being one as it was so unlike the series, was not a good move on our part. However, we didn't want to lose the Pokemon that were in play, as they had a heavy bearing on the storylines of those humans they were bonded with. The Imperion we have now was designed to recreate this experience without the site remaining in the Pokemon fandom, and we think we've done a decent job, and hope everyone else thinks so, too!

If anyone has any questions, we're always happy to answer!