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United Republic
United Republic
Active 82 - Present
Type Military
Star Rating ★☆☆☆☆
Territories The Dome
Size 45,000

The United Republic is the largest and most powerful government and organised military in Tyrrhenia. With the arising of the Andascan Federation, they are not the only one left, just the biggest. Arising from the dust of the governments that tried and failed before them, the Republic built and controls the Dome, where most of Tyrrhenia's populace now lives. Because they do control the Dome, they control most of Tyrrhenia.


It is frequently taught, by the Republic no less, that the United Republic is all that Tyrrhenia has ever had, from the End to now. It could easily be assumed that this isn't quite truthful, as it's more likely that the End saw a large scattering of different factions, governments, and fragmented groups that sought to replace the fallen governments of the nations that Tyrrhenia was home to before, and simply the Republic was the last one standing. How or why, the world may never know.

It is said that the Republic had answers, plans, things that just might work, where others only had apologies, excuses, and vague theories. The people were impressed to get answers that weren't vague, dubious, or just plan stupid, and rallied behind the Republic. In turn, the Republic gave them blueprints and plans for a climate-controlled dome barrier, that might just save Tyrrhenia. Humans couldn't tolerate the harsh insanity that was the Outlands, at least, not on a consistent basis. Too many died from exposure before settlements could even be attempted; but with a dome, they could tame part of the Outlands, and settle on the surface again.

Little by little, the Dome was built, encompassing the south-eastern corner of Tyrrhenia, as it was the farthest from the Tiernan Wood, and relatively untouched by whatever the End had caused. The Republic has watched over it ever since. Livestock found a safe-haven, green, untainted grass to feed on, clear water to drink. Food became plentiful, communication lines went back up, and soon enough, the Internet was recreated. People had jobs and livelihoods again, factories were rebuilt, spewing their pollution out into the Outlands that didn't care.

Experimenting on people that were sick, homeless, or otherwise had little chance of survival, the Republic has made leaps and bounds of medical science progress, and then dove headlong into bio-engineering. As a result, they soon enough created Part-Bloods.

There was initially outrage that they had been made at all. Soon enough, though, the Tyrrhenians began to see the merit and value in Part-Bloods. Like Others, they were far more capable of tolerating the Outlands. And then it became somewhat of an honour, to have someone related to you become one. Despite the stigma of them, and the common tactic of ignoring them outright, the taboo of interacting with one, they've become a permanent fixture in the Dome. And while many may still be upset at the Republic for creating them, they also recognise that, because of them, the Dome is safe. Because of them, the people are healthy. Because of the Part-Bloods, hundreds of lives have been saved. Thanks to the Republic, and their bio-engineered soldiers, Tyrrhenia is still thriving, where once there was uncertainty, there is strength. What more could Tyrrhenia ask of them?

In recent times, new factions and races have arisen, such as the Andascan Federation. The Federation are seen as a very serious threat, and amid gassing their tunnels with a drug that will kill them with their own powers on contact, the Republic has also been capturing them and making them part of the Special Operations Forces. The war with the Losrians, and the subsequent arising of the Andascan Federation, has set the Dome a bit on edge; the people are worried, but, perhaps like with the Part-Bloods, Losrians will prove invaluable resources.

Air Fleet The Air Fleet is the United Republic's airship department. It has two sub-divisions. The first are the ones that fly the airships. Each airship has a crew, which are arranged by duty upon the ship itself. The second sub-division are the ones that maintain the airships. Sometimes these two divisions cross, but often those that operate the ships are not the same as the ones who repair them. The Republic only has two Dreadnought class airships, with about twenty smaller ships per, making the fleet rather small. At present, unless they are warring with the Outlanders, the fleet tends to stick to air observation flights.
Communications The Communications Department is charged with passing messages between officers, units, and departments. They are also charged with maintaining and monitoring the Whispering Tower system. This includes keeping an eye on which messages pass through, and which InVisors access which networks and channels. Communication between officers is paramount during missions, and the Communications Department is considered a pillar of the UR.
Defence The Defence Department is tasked with maintaining both the safety of officers, and that of citizens. Charged with patrolling and defending the Republic as a whole. Defence also works alongside Enforcement, but their functions are more focused on outside interference. Thus, most Defence officers don't bother with the citizens at all.
Documentation Someone, of course, has to do the paperwork. Part of the Whispering Tower mainframe is the Great Archive. The Great Archive is where all reports, mission documentations, Outlander incidents, criminal reports, adoptions, marriages, births, deaths, anything that happens in the Republic, are documented and stored for future generations to learn from. The Documentation Department is, in some ways, a standard government administration body. As everything that happens goes through them at some point, they are quite well-aware of the goings-on of Republic territory. They work very closely with almost every other department in the Republic. They are also automatically authorised to transfer files from the Tower to InVisors with the Clearance to accept them.
Enforcement This Department is equivalent to law enforcement. The Enforcement Department enforces the laws laid down by the Premier. Through a roundabout chain of command trickle-down, they even answer directly to the Premier. Members of Enforcement are sent out to patrol and protect the streets of the Republic's cities and towns. They are also depended on for controlling criminal activity within the Republic, including rebellions. Typically, they only need to hold criminals long enough for a proper trial to be carried out. Enforcement are expected to be able to think on their feet, and have stable moral grounding.
Engineering The Engineering Department is responsible for all of the technological advancements. From designing and building InVisors, to creating the Part-Bloods, to building and maintaining AIs and Daeni, to the development of better, more stable hydrocoil designs, the Engineers are a very vital part of the Republic. Most of the Engineers never see direct conflict, and generally can be left to their own devices. The Special Other Forces' dubbed "labbies" are often Engineering.
Intelligence The Intelligence Department has two main functions. First, they gain intelligence about criminal movement, activity, and individuals. Second, they are charged with investigation of crime scenes and various oddities. Anything that seems suspicious, off, dangerous, or different, the Intelligence Department probably has their hands in it. It is not unheard of for Intelligence Department officers to die, be gravely injured, or just disappear. Their members are some of the bravest and calmest that the Republic has to offer. … they also get really nice hazard pay and retirement packages.
Medical The Medical Department is, of course, the one that handles medical necessities, and operates clinics and hospitals. Despite their look and others' opinions on this department, the Medical team is extremely necessary. Without the Medical Department's knowledge in their field of work, there would be no way the rest could continue onward. Without them, there would flat be no Republic. Ultimately, your lives will always be in their hands. This Department also is home to a research unit for conducting medical experiments and research. There is a smaller off-shoot that supplies other departments with simplistic, office-supply type items. Unfortunately, the Medical department is also not always as benevolent as they seem.
Special Operations Special Operations is divided into several smaller divisions. These are: The Executive Militia; the Patrol Corps; the Counter Force; the Reconnaissance Unit; and the Detention Unit. Most of the Special Ops' work consists of obtaining information, detaining the most dangerous individuals, and occasionally, carrying out assassinations/terminations. Special Ops also handles the most dangerous of the Republic's missions, and their officers do not tend to live long. Members must be good at defending themselves, and capable of taking orders without question. This is the only Department that does not take Omegas or Psis, as they die quickly.
Special Mention
Special Other Forces While not exactly a specialised department that operates on its own, the Special Other Forces does warrant mention. All Part-Bloods and captured Losrians are automatically a part of the Special Other Forces. Each of them has a set of files and similar in order to track each, and Handlers are assigned based on their personal files. It is, in a sense, a pet-project of Engineering. As Part-Bloods and Losrians don't have ranks, they somewhat inherit their handler's department, unit, and rank. Or at least, the responsibilities; not really the recognition or power.
Premier The Premier is the lead administrator of the entire United Republic. No one has ever seen or directly spoken to them. As of now, no one's really even sure the Premier exists. (Yes, the Premier exists.)
Alpha Prime Alpha Primes are the highest ranking officers, second only to the Premier. It is said that the Alpha Primes are the only ones with direct contact to the Premier. Alpha Primes may override anyone else, without clearance. They are few in number, only thought to be around five or six of them, and most are unaware they are speaking to an alAlpha Prime until long after the fact, if they ever learn.
Handlers at this rank may take as many Losrians and or Part-Bloods as they wish, provided they are within their clearance range.
Beta Prime Just below Alpha Primes in rank, Beta Primes may override anyone with clearance from an Alpha. Unlike Alphas, Betas do not have contact with the Premier, and all information is passed to them through the Alphas. Beta Primes are also somewhat shadow-y and generally go unrecognised; Betas are thought to number around eight.
Handlers at this rank may have up to twenty (20) assignments.
Gamma Gammas may override Deltas, with clearance from a Prime. It isn't believed there are many Gammas, either, but some of the Gammas are more well-known and visible than others, so this is somewhat subjective. Some Gammas do not make it obvious what rank they are, but others may never admit to being a Gamma. Like Primes, they do not have specific unit assignment, only a department, which makes them operate somewhat outside normal departmental operation.
Handlers at this rank may take fifteen (15) assigments.
Delta The highest rank level to have a unit assignment, Deltas run individual units within the departments. Deltas are numerous, as there are many, many units that need a leader. Deltas do have a small amount of influence in other units, but they cannot override Gammas or Primes. Roughly, Deltas can be equated to a Captain.
Handlers at this rank may take up to ten (10) assignments.
Epsilon Epsilons are below Deltas, and operate as the Delta's helper; each Delta has at least one Epsilon. Essentially, they are direct support for the unit they are in, and the Gammas of that department. Epsilons thus only have influence in the unity they are in. Roughly, they can be equated to a Lieutenant.
Handlers at this rank can take up to five (5) assignments.
Theta Handlers at this rank can take up to three (3) assignments.
Iota Iotas are experienced, but not overly so, around the median. They generally don't have much say in anything. However, some Epsilons, Deltas, and Gammas may listen to them to an extent.
Handlers at this rank can take up to two (2) assignments.
Rho Handlers at this rank can take up to two (2) assignments.
Sigma Sigmas are a bit of a strange rank; they can be below Zeta, or closer to Epsilon. These are skilled officers, who have some sort of learned speciality. Sigmas tend to group together amongst themselves, somewhat separate from the rest of the unit. Unless something falls within their range of speciality, they tend to not even care what goes on in their unit.
Handlers at this rank can take up to two (2) assignments.
Tau Handlers at this rank can take up to one (1) assignment.
Psi Psis are the main bulk of a unit. Essentially it is a rank without a rank. Most Psi officers are new, or at least mostly new, and have yet to really settle into their Unit.
Handlers at this rank can take up to one (1) assignment.
Omega Omegas are the "new blood" of a Department. Sometimes, Omegas may not even have an assigned unit just yet. Omegas are not yet allowed to become a Handler.