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Dragons of Circinus
Dragons of Circinus
Active 19 - Present
Type Mercenary
Star Rating ★☆☆☆☆
Territories Circinus
Freyr Canyon
Size 2,000 - 4,000

The Dragons of Circinus have existed for far longer than there was a such thing as an Outlander, but none now live who remember a precise year earlier than 19. It is believed, however, that they have existed for at least a hundred years longer than the United Republic; this seems about right.

The Dragons are perhaps an enigmatic Outlander group. While they fight the Republic's encroachment, and harbour many an anti-Republic sentiment, they are neither truly against the Republic, nor for it. The Dragons see no one as enemy, and no one as friend, and are as close to being a neutral party in the Outlanders versus Republic conflict as is presently possible.


Elder members of the Dragons pass stories down to newer members, of how the faction was founded by a brother, one of a pair. Long before the United Republic existed, perhaps even long before The End, a pair of brothers, each in a different, rival faction, found they were to meet one another upon the battlefield. The night before the battle, they met, to share one last round of drinks together.

One of the brothers survived the battle the next morning; the other did not.

Angered at having to fight his own brother to begin with, and grieving his loss, the surviving brother left the armies of the faction he was with, and struck out on his own. Rather than allowing himself to be caught up in another conflict that, likely, also separated brothers, he offered his assistance to any who wanted it, at a price, making him one of the first mercenaries in Tyrrhenia.

Most maintain, and even the Dragons' own stories do, that he remained a lone wolf for a good long time. The freedom inherent in his ways was palpable, and others were drawn to it. After all, answering to no one and nothing did have its attractions. Many were tired enough of being pushed around by others, larger organisations, other people in authority, that they eventually turned to the surviving brother for answers.

The Dragons were born, becoming the first official mercenary group.

When the United Republic popped up in eastern Tyrrhenia, of course, the mercenaries were essentially at everyone's disposal, with appropriate compensation. The Dragons became quite rich off the squabbles of the Dome's upper classes, and even off those Outlanders that might be brave enough to place hits on the same. Even the Republic itself began hiring the Dragons, and soon enough, they were really just middlemen in a steadily becoming age-old war. Whomever could afford the Dragons usually won the battle, and in time, the Dragons would be hired by one side, paid off by the other, and walk away from it twice as wealthy without even raising their weapons.

Nowadays, the United Republic will often pre-emptively pay them off, to prevent them from showing up at all, and the Dragons remain, to this day, a friend of none, and an enemy of no one, and all in Tyrrhenia understand exactly where the Dragons of Circinus stand — or don't, as the case really is. Strangely, however, or not, they are very loyal to one another, and when one of theirs is threatened, they do finally fight back. They're more of a family than anything, and their leader, young though he may look, is not inexperienced and encourages the camaraderie.