never forget where you came from...

The Gaia Suite was developed by Kendra Alvares, otherwise known as Arceus, in early 2019. Downloads, information, and support, for the Gaia Suite, can be found at its official support site on In Populus Technology, or through the Gaia coterie on RPG Initiative. Please do not redistribute the Gaia software.

Gaia is powered by jQuery, Bootstrap, jQuery UI, FontAwesome, Google Fonts, TinyMCE, reCAPTCHA, and a bunch of Greek gods, frustration, cussing, love, and excitement.

Created in 2015-2016 by Arceus (K. A.) from a number of inspiration sources, most notably Sunshine by Robin McKinley, some Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind by Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli and Carnival Row.