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Aug 13, 2019 12:10 pm

I'm running solo. I actually had staff before but both are very busy with work and one has their own site. I also have another site I run, along with a couple sites I play on, so having another hand on deck is probably not a bad idea, and this news post is where you can get more info!

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Yes we are open!

Welcome to Imperion
The stories tell of how people and Other alike once all lived together, and spoke the same language. Wanting to be closer to their creator, together, they built a great tower that would pierce the heavens. Angered, their creator punished their impudence, taking away their common tongue, and scattering them across the world...

Imperion is a dark, dystopian play-by-post role-play. Welcome to Tyrrhenia, a world of enigmas, truths long buried by time, and a dangerously uncertain future, where you are either human or Other, and being Other is dangerous. Not recommended for players under the age of 16. Come hang with us in Discord!

Aquila is one of the largest and prettiest of the current settlements of the Dome. While it isn't the home of the Republic's headquarters, it isn't far from Eridanus, which is.

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Welcome Home by Lucius McKenna
Jan 15, 2020 6:15 am

Eridanus is the home of the Republic's base. The Tower, where most captured Others live, is also located here, slightly separated from the rest of the Republic Complex. Eridanus is the safest city in the Dome, due to the Republic's heavy presence, but also the most dangerous for the same reason.

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I don't know what I'm doing by Jadyka Maitra
Jan 15, 2020 4:45 am

Indus was, at one time, a mining city. It eventually grew into a metropolis of size to rival Aquila, and now stands as a teeming centre of trade, commerce, and business. One of the few cities Outlanders are welcomed in, Indus is an integral part of the Dome's financial stability.

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While most of the Republic's scientific advancement has roots in Eridanus, scientific advancement outside of it has its roots in Orion. Orion is the most advanced city in the Dome, and it shows, from tram rail-lines to escalator sidewalks, the people live and breathe technology.

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The outskirts are the areas within the Dome outside of the primary cities. Certain types of Others can be found in these areas but they are somewhat far between.

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That Which is Lost by Killian
Jan 03, 2020 2:43 pm

The Pavo Ruins are not a particularly safe place to traverse. This place is considered to be ground zero for the End. There are mines in the area and those brave - or stupid - enough to enter the mines can come away with amazing finds. But, the stakes are high as well.

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The Pavo Mines by Sionyx
Dec 06, 2019 8:24 pm

Phoenix is a relatively small settlement in comparison. Frankly, the only reason Phoenix has still survived is the presence of Mnemosyne Lake. Phoenix is not particularly safe, as it is too far from Eridanus, and tends to be on the poorer end of the spectrum.

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Being very far on the poor end of the spectrum, it comes as no surprise that Pyxis is full of relatively sketch individuals and businesses that may well trick you if you look away too long. The Republic has some presence here, but they don't tend to bother with criminals unless they get reports.

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Uneventful Events by Seth Antares
Jan 15, 2020 5:18 am

Andasca was once home to numerous Losrians and the nations that they had formed - each nation being primarily a single type of Losrian. Most of what's left are ruins now. One should be careful wandering about within Andasca though because there is a lot of danger to be found.

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The largest settlement in the Outlands, and one of the closest to the Dome. Circinus is a centre of business. If you can't find it here, chances are, you'll have to find it yourself, as all the Outlander traders come here eventually.

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Another large settlement in the Outlands, Hydra is another trade centre, though not as large as Circinus is; the Black Market has a much smaller presence, here.

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The Char is a strip of wasteland that lays between the Dome and the Tiernan Wood. The earth is blackened and nothing grows in it. The water within the Char is also not safe to drink.

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The Tiernan Meadows is in the northernmost portion of Tyrrhenia. They are very green and extremely fertile, and thus are home to many Others and some Tyrrhenians who have taken to farming small portions of it. So named due to the fact that the Tiernan Wood spent a great deal of time in this area before migrating southward.

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Creepy forest is creepy. The trees are eroded and mutated, twisted by what is assumed to be radiation poisoning. But the forest is very thick, hard to navigate, and easy to lose someone else in. The Republic won't go near it -- but frankly, neither should you, given the spores the plant-life give off have been known to contain a neurotoxin... but some say, the Tiernan Wood is alive... and can choose who to kill and who to allow to pass through unharmed.

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A smaller settlement, newer in comparison to its other Outland settlement brethren. If you're good with scrap metal and need somewhere safe to hang out and collect it, Volans is your place -- all sorts of copper and steel everywhere.

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Anything pertaining to the plot and character development side of role-play. Toss out board plot ideas, or just banter around little side plots to get the ball rolling.

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shinescape by Sionyx
Dec 03, 2019 10:21 pm

All general discussion and bantering out of character. Talk about whatever you like!

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Theme Songs by Apricity
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